Morgan Stuart Logistics (MSL) offers furniture manufacturing brand management and logistics.




Use Morgan Stuart Logistic's customized online order management portal to track the progress on your next project. Get instant access to order quantity, furniture size, date purchased from manufacturer, to shipment dates, etc.   

MSL’s expertise in order management, including payment processing and handling custom orders, ensures that the order details are accurate. This portal makes it significantly easier for our clients to manage and receive their furniture items.

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With representatives around the globe, Morgan Stuart has access and strong relationships with many well-established, local manufacturers, such as Ralph Lauren, Drexel, Currey & Co, E.J. Victor, and Hickory Chair. 

Nearly all of MSL’s suppliers are located within a 25-mile radius of MSL’s logistics facility. These relationships, combined with the close proximity to suppliers, allow the order and delivery of the items between MSL and its manufacturers to work as a smooth, fast process.

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