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Morgan Stuart Logistics (MSL) works with  interior designers, architects, and developers, to deliver furniture directly to their design projects. Using the MSL portal, our partners can order furniture items, and MSL will purchase, consolidate, ship, and even install the items for our design and furnishing clients.

MSL aims for superior client satisfaction through our multitude of product offerings. Our goal is to ease workload of the international shipping process, and simplify the home furnishings logistical supply chain. 



Morgan Stuart Logistics (MSL) offers furniture brand management, facilitates the ordering, purchasing, consolidation, and shipment of Home Furnishings across the United States and the World.




Use Morgan Stuart Logistic's customized online order management portal to track the progress on your next project. Get instant access to order quantity, furniture size, date purchased from manufacturer, to shipment dates, etc. 

MSL’s expertise in order management, including payment processing and handling custom orders, ensures that the order details are accurate. This portal makes it significantly easier for our clients to manage and receive their furniture items.

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Located in Morganton, NC, Morgan Stuart Logistics has access and strong relationships with many well-established, local furniture manufacturers, such as Drexel Heritage, E.J. Victor, and Hickory Chair. 

Nearly all of MSL’s suppliers are located within a 25-mile radius of MSL’s logistics facility. These relationships, combined with the close proximity to suppliers, allow the order and delivery of the items between MSL and its manufacturers to work as a smooth, fast process.

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Many of Morgan Stuart Logistics’s independent clients are located in the United States, specifically the Eastern, US. MSL has the capability to bypass the need for shipping companies, and is able to bring the items to the client personally. 

MSL is located close to major US cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond, and Atlanta, and is right down I-40 from the furniture capital of the world, High Point, NC.

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Our story originates from a first hand experience working in the Home Furnishings industry, overcoming the A to Z in complexities confronted in international shipping and logistics. We work with our partners to clarify the current process of logistics, and identify the key issues that need to be addressed, to make recommendations on services necessary.