Packing and Shipping By Hand

Photo by Sven Hoppe/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Sven Hoppe/iStock / Getty Images

The method of properly designing, selecting, and procuring a client's home furnishings can be painstaking; it it would be foolish to let that all go to waste due to delays or damages that occur during shipping. At Morgan Stuart Logistics (MSL), our team of professionals inspect and hand load fragile items to ensure custom pieces arrive in their original condition.

This is why we prefer to load our own containers using only our own products. The method for successfully packing a container in order to maximize space while removing the possibility of damage comes down to having an experienced team of professionals who understands the construction of the products and quality of the packaging. 

All of our containers are hand loaded with minimal use of mechanical equipment (fork lifts, automated pallet jacks, etc.). This ensures that every piece in the container has been placed there by caring hands. Items are correctly stacked and empty voids are filled in order to reduce movement during shipment.  Loading by hand requires an additional labor cost, but it has been proven to reduce any overall loss we face due to shipping damage. 

Hand loaded FCL shipment ensures your pieces arrive in their original and beautiful condition. To date Morgan Stuart Logistics have a 0% claim rate for damages that occurred due to mishandling of product or inappropriate 

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